Friday, October 15, 2021

It’s Iimi! What Will You Do Once You Learn the Truth?

Paula eavesdrops and hears something she was not intended to hear about news that potentially means hardship for her new home. But did she hear it in context? And what will she do with the information? Meanwhile Myrna tells Della something utterly unexpected that could shatter their friendship if either of them mishandles it. 



Post-Comic Commentary

So, we have a potential controversial topic here. Some Catholics might see this as “caving in” on the issue of homosexuality. That would be a misinterpretation, however. I support the Church teaching on the topic. This is more of a focus on the Catechismteaching that people with same sex attraction need to be treated with love and respect, even though we cannot support things that legitimize homosexual acts as “good.” So, if a reader is tempted to write an angry comment accusing me of rejecting Church teaching, don’t. It will be rash judgment.

I found the book Gay and Catholic by Eve Tushnet to useful in avoiding stereotypes and in finding behavior that could be showing the love and support such a person might need in living their life in accordance with Church teaching. While I do disagree with some of her opinions, I believe she does intend to live a chaste lifestyle in fidelity to Church teaching. 

In doing research, I realized that one of Iimi’s views in an earlier comic was inaccurate. Iimi’s dialogue of “I used to think…” reflects that.

Myrna’s feelings for Della came around through an unintended consequence from the limitations of the Comipo program. All the female models have a slight blush in their cheeks. But it turns out that the color becomes more noticeable the darker the skin color. Also, when I designed Myrna, I wanted to give her narrower eyes. The combination gave Myrna the impression of looking at Della with affection and devotion. While there were ways to mask the blush, the combination intrigued me. So, I started dropping hints into the things Myrna said while keeping it vague enough to not give the secret away. I decided that as things heated up in Iimi’s school, bringing in someone they already knew would force the characters to shift from theoretical to “these are real people.”

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

It’s Iimi! Sisters In Arms…

The day after the graffiti slur was scrawled on Iimi’s locker, the girls must deal with rash judgment offered in support. A first-year student finds herself caught between her concept of social justice and Paula’s witness on how one can oppose something as wrong yet still love the person who commits the act.

Postproduction Notes: I hate creating “cardboard villains.” So, it was a bit tricky writing the antagonists in this episode. Yes, I did want to show their position as wrong, but no, I didn’t want to create them as monstrous people either. Nor did I want Iimi and her friends to come across as insensitive. So, the dialogue on page 4-6 was rewritten several times before I was left with the final result that I hope avoided both concerns.

“Shelia” from page 4 is an asset from Clip Studio Paint (CSP), who I used as an experiment. Since CSP allows more poses than Comipo, I wanted to see how well they worked together. So, I constructed the club room with Shelia in CSP, converted the result to a PNG file and turned it into a backdrop for Ms. Otios and Lisa to interact with in Comipo. It’s kind of a trade off as posing is better, but I can’t change expressions, and the hands are kind of mis sized. But I’m still something of a novice with CSP, so this might improve over time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

It’s Iimi! Targeted

After being warned that a teacher had unsuccessfully denounced them to the Principal and Teachers, Iimi finds that she has been targeted with hateful graffiti from an unknown student. She urges her friends to follow the Golden Rule. But, will someone try to use her secret against her?

Monday, September 27, 2021

It’s Iimi! Storm Brewing?

All Iimi and Krysta wanted to do was meet up with the others and hang out after school. All Krysta wanted to do first was to drop out of the Social Justice club, which she had strong moral reservations over. Unfortunately, Mrs. Otios saw the resignation as based in intolerance. Iimi reluctantly led the challenge to her assumptions: If imposing beliefs on another is wrong because values are relative (think about that for a moment), then doesn’t that make imposing values on Christians wrong? And if objective right and wrong exist, then what makes the attacks on Christian teachings right?

Sunday, September 26, 2021

It’s Iimi! Becoming An Unexpected Family

As the arraignment and sentencing of Paula’s mother approaches, Paula struggles with the knowledge that she’s supposed to honor her parents when her mother makes poor and sometimes harmfully irresponsible decisions, as well as becoming part of the Iscra family.

Post comic notes: I may have to break these megacomics into multiple simultaneous posts in the future. This one crashed my blog editor app several times.