It's Iimi! (イイミ です!)

IIMI-tan (Her name is taken from the initials of this blog) is the blog mascot.  She started out as small comics on my blog's Facebook page. But eventually, I realized it would be better to put the comic on the blog.

Because the Cast of Characters is getting rather large, I've created it as its own comic. You can find it HERE. It will be updated as I go along.

The Comic List:
It's Iimi! Introduction (Cast of Characters Etc).

2020 Comics
(At this time, I still viewed If I Might Interject as a blog with a webcomic).

My Dinner With Andrea (Multi-Part Story)
(This was the point when If I Might Interject became dedicated to the Comic)
Paula's Abortion (Muti-Part Story)
Part VII: It’s Iimi! Mistakes, Oversights and Assumptions...
It's Iimi! A Time To Heal

2022 Comics

It’s Iimi! “Because X. Therefore, You’re Scum!”

It's Iimi! A Question of Authority

(This webcomic is designed using ComiPo! with Clip Studio Paint software, both under license.)

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